TRAGS offers a pro-active approach to Chemical Cleaning. Our most up to date chemical cleaning technologies to remove residual oils, corrosion products, water hardness deposits, and other foulants from industrial process equipment.  With our “flawless execution standards”, provides our clients with guaranteed results.




Hydro-jet cleaning (Hydro blasting / high pressure washing) is the most common industrial cleaning application, TRAGS offers expertise in both conventional and technologically advanced hydro blasting  applications. Our customized systems use various media at varying pressures and flow rates to clean surfaces, process equipment, heat exchangers and other industrial vessels. We can apply hydro blasting to virtually every process configuration to efficiently remove foulants and other built-up materials. Our team matches the right equipment, specialty systems, and personnel to your exact needs and specifications.



Our expertise extends to Re-tubing of Heat Exchangers & Condenser Tubes, Tube & Tube Sheet Expansion, Tube & Tube Sheet Joint Welding (TIG). We work with many well-known petrochemical plants across Qatar. TRAGS specializes in high production re-tubing tooling packages, technical assistance, planning, specifications, procedures, support and turnkey services to the level and circumstances necessary for the particular project.  Our support is keyed to making the most effective use of the time and other resources available, and is focused on mitigating schedule, performance and quality risks. We have built up a very talented / skilled team who have taken up time bound & critical jobs. We are geared up with all latest tools tackles like tube pulling system, automatic torque expansion system, tube wall reducer, tube installation tools, tig welding set, etc.




We offer a cost effective and safer alternative to hot cutting methods by using high pressure water jets mixed with abrasive, capable of cutting material of virtually any grade or thickness. By using abrasive water jet cutting, it means that there’s no need for degassing, and the surface is left already prepared for re-welding – saving you precious time and money. TRAGS has gained a wealth of experience on decommissioning, shutdowns, demolition, and salvage projects over the past twenty five years. This along with our excellent safety record, state-of-the-art equipment, and dedication to customer care, makes us leaders in our field.




We provide on-site hydraulic bolt tightening services, from a simple bolt-up of a single flange connection or to maintenance and major-shutdown site services, we utilize only the best equipment and tools and employ only the most experienced engineers available in the industry. Our Torque Tools cover various range of sizes and various Torque capacities with manual and hydraulic equipment. We also offers a range of Low-height Ratchet Torque Tools that can be utilized in confined spaces or areas with restricted clearance where a socket and conventional square-drive tool would not fit. All our Torque Tools are tested and supplied with applicable test or calibration certificates. We provide Hydraulic Torque Tools with both air and electricity-driven power packs which can be used within hazardous environments such as petrochemical plants, off-shore platforms etc.

Bolt Tensioning:

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning offers the quickest, safest, most accurate means of applying a specified residual load to stud bolts. It can be used to easily achieve an accurate and predetermined bolt loading in a single, simultaneous operation, providing the uniform gasket compression essential for the integrity of critically bolted connections in a wide variety of top-side applications such as:

  • pipeline flanges

  • heat exchangers

  • pressure vessels

  • compressor covers

  • boiler feed pumps

  • anchor bolts

TRAGS has substantial experience in providing precise calculations of the correct bolt load to be applied, ensuring and accurate residual load is imparted to bolts, no matter which simultaneous tensioning procedure is used.







Our non-destructive testing (NDT), inspection service focused on supporting mechanical integrity and inspection programs for clients in the Petrochemical, Refinery, Pipeline, whether they be managing large-scope turnaround projects, balance of plant programs, or time-sensitive callout jobs. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment.




Our scaffolding Services provides high quality scaffolding and access solutions for offshore, onshore and industrial projects. We have the experience, expertise and resources to plan, implement and oversee a wide range of scaffolding work, from private residential through to high profile commercial projects. We will ensure that work is carried out to exceptionally high standards, on schedule and within budget. Our Scaffolding team has demonstrated its flexibility by meeting the needs and ever-changing schedules of their customers. Refurbishment and maintenance contracts continue to be at the forefront.




TRAGS provide design, fabrication and installation service for every type of industrial and commercial insulation project. We will custom fabricate insulation for every project type, Our professional insulation team and experienced field supervisors are dedicated to providing exceptional service, with a proven track record in completing projects to specification, on time, and within budget.



TRAGS has the capability to provide painting and blasting services both onshore and offshore. Consumables utilized are to customer specification. We provide Epoxy brush painting services which are widely preferred in petrochemical refinery and fertilizer industries. The system is helpful for different coatings such as maintenance, structural and floor. Due to the speedy curing at room temperature and excellent toughness & abrasion resistance, resistance to heat, oil, alcohols acid & salty weather, the system provides painting in aircraft finishes, transport finishes and chemical industries. We also provide Airless Spray painting services to various industries. In spray painting, airless paint sprayers are used which is specially designed to paint large surface within short span.




We provide commercial instrument calibration and test equipment repair services for a wide variety of measurement and test equipment. Our laboratory currently provides quality instrument calibration and test equipment services to manufacturing, petrochemical, service, testing, engineering companies. On site instrument calibration services are available for most technical measurement parameters the laboratory supports. We have staffed with highly trained experts and the calibration capabilities to meet the needs of virtually every industry.







ISO 9001 ASME