• Civil Engineering

  • Structural Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Instrumentation Engineering

  • Low Current Engineering


  • Chemical Cleaning

  • Hydro-jet Cleaning

  • Heat Exchanger Re-Tubing

  • Cold Cutting

  • Bolt Tightening / Tensioning

  • Heat Treatment

  • NDT Services

  • Scaffolding

  • Insulation

  • Blasting / Painting

  • Instrument Calibration


Founded in 1972, TRAGS has grown to become one of  the largest specialized industrial services company in the State of Qatar. With trained, certified, experienced personnel, TRAGS has the capacity and expertise needed to meet the client's every service requirement on time and on budget. From scheduled maintenance to plant turnarounds to emergency response.

We are committed to Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, Morale and Environment.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company ourselves, we understand and remain highly committed to the quality, consistency, and excellence demanded by industry-wide standards.


Engineering & Construction Division

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  • Structural

  • Piping

  • Pressure Vessels

  • GRE Piping


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  • Shutdown Maintenance

  • Industrial Maintenance

  • Valve Maintenance

  • Traffic & Highway Maintenance






TRAGS is one of the major Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contracting companies in the state of Qatar with a diversified range of business in Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Power, Pressure Equipment Manufacture, Repair, Maintenance and other industrial services including Heavy Engineering works. TRAGS is involved in EPC construction of Piping and associated interconnecting piping works, EPC construction of Storage tanks (API 650,620 & AWWA), Engineering, Manufacturing & Supply of Major Pressure Vessels, Columns, Boilers and Process Equipment in strict conformance with stringent International Codes & Standards like ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1, Sec. I, BS 5500 (PV5500)etc. TRAGS also undertakes Engineering, Manufacturing and Supply of Shell & Tube type Heat Exchangers in full compliance with TEMA “R”, BS5500 besides Power Piping & Process Plant Piping as per ASME B31.1, 31.3, 31.8 & 31.4.




TRAGS's highly experienced & dedicated engineers undertake all engineering activities viz. from concept to commissioning related to the following operations with a very high level of professionalism: 

  • Oil and gas facilities development, operation & maintenance associated with process plants, refineries, gathering centers, tank farms and major pipeline work.

  • Heavy Engineering fabrication work associated with Major Pressure Vessels, Process Columns, Tanks, Boilers, Heat Exchangers and other mechanical equipment for various Process Industries.

  • Engineering and technical services/supplier for oil and gas facilities.

  • Inspection services in various disciplines (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Instrumentation).

  • EPC Construction of On-Shore and Offshore Piping.



  • Design, Engineering and Technical services

  • Fabrication shop equipped with most modern machines & equipment

  • Protective Coating Services

  • Construction equipment operations

  • Quality Control and Inspection services

  • NDE and Heat Treatment services

  • Offices and camp facilities.





Design, Engineering & Technical Services:


TRAGS provides multidiscipline engineering and technical services associated with process, civil, mechanical, structural, electrical, instrumentation work of world class engineering standards using state-of-the-art latest industry standard Engineering software. The core objective of this Engineering department is to meet the demands of in-house engineering requirements as well as market requirements of Design & Engineering work on day-to-day basis. The department is fully equipped with computerized network and highly qualified & experienced professionals in Process, Civil & Structural, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering fields.
The technical library attached to this department contains all National and International Codes & Standards, Technical books, Periodicals, Bulletins, Manuals, Advanced Design research published papers, Design & Engineering handbooks required for the company operations with high quality error-free engineering outputs.



The department possesses state-of-the-art latest engineering software licenses like:


Design & Analysis of all structural matrixes conforming to all engineering standards (British, American, Indian, Japanese, Australian etc.)




Flexibility & Stress Analysis of complex Piping system as per ASME B31.1, 31.3, 31.4, 31.8.

AutoCAD 2010:

Design & Intelligent Drafting of Piping isometrics with automatic generation of Material take-offs.


AutoCAD 2010 along with exhaustive list of enabling software for quick drafting (Auto-lisp programs) are being used for all engineering drafting work by our highly skilled & experienced drafting team of multinational origin.




Design & Engineering and Technical Services wing of TRAGS is fully capable of undertaking the following engineering activities:

  • Design & Engineering of ASME Pressure Vessels.

  • Design & Engineering of ASME Process Columns

  • Design & Engineering of Boilers as per ASME Sec. I

  • Design & Engineering of ASME/TEMA Heat Exchangers

  • Design & Engineering of U/G Fuel Tanks (BS 2594)

  • Design & Engineering of Technological Structures

  • Design & Engineering of Civil Foundation of Technological Structures & Heavy Equipment manufactured by us

  • Design & Engineering of Process Piping ASME B31.3, 31.4, 31.8 & 31.1 (Power Piping).

  • Flexibility & Stress Analysis of any Piping System and its suggestive support system .

  • Design & Total Engineering on Turn-key concept of GRE Piping both Underground & above ground .


The department also undertakes all detail engineering work on man-hour basis based on availability of excess trained and experienced manpower.


Fabrication Shop


Most modern workshop facility is available for fabrication/manufacturing of ASME "U”, Pressure Piping "PP" and “S” Stamped Pressure Vessels, Process Columns & ASME Sec. I Power Boilers besides various types of engineering products, such as fabrication of piping spools, pipe supports, Process equipment including Separators, Scrubbers and Heat Exchangers. The workshop is supported by segregated storage yards, central blasting and painting yard, electrical and maintenance workshop.


The highlights of major workshop equipment are as follows:

  • Column and Boom SAW Welding Machines with joint tracking system.

  • Rolling machines upto a capacity of 6.2 M Dia x 40 mm thickness.

  • Sufficient Overhead Crainage (30 T).

  • CNC Profile Cutting Machinery for Carbon Steel cutting upto 180 mm.

  • Plasma Cutting Machines for SS cutting.

  • Welding Rotators and Positioners upto 30 Tons Capacity.




Construction Equipment Operations:

Major construction equipment required for various project sites are owned and maintained by TRAGS. Plant and Equipment Services department carefully examines the logistics regarding the requirement of equipment for every project and organizes the same judiciously. Specialized equipment required for heavy lifts are hired locally. Well maintained equipment, manned with highly skilled operators are provided to meet the safety requirements. Machines are demonstrated to perform in an optimum condition while on the job training to its operators are imparted by the equipment manufacturer from whom the equipment are purchased. The record for all preventive and breakdown maintenance is maintained for effective operation. Automated tracking keep equipment in good condition for rapid mobilization. Equipment certification and safety records verify reliability at each project site.




Quality Control and Inspection Services:


Our QA/QC & Inspection Department provides various types of Inspection and testing services to a number of clients in Qatar such as Qatar Petroleum, QAPCO, QVC, QChem, QAFCO, Qatar Gas, QWEC, RLDC as well as many major international companies and local construction companies.

We have most modern testing equipment and highly skilled and experienced NDT Technicians, Inspectors and Inspection Engineers in our QA/QC & Inspection Department.



Some of the major services provided are the following:

  • Radiographic Examination

  • Ultrasonic Examination

  • Magnetic Particle Examination

  • Liquid Dye-Penetrant Examination

  • Alloy Verification of Steel

  • Hardness Test of metal

  • Painting & Coating - Thickness Check, Holiday Test, Adhesion Test etc.

  • Supply of Inspection Engineers, Inspectors & NDT Technicians.



QA/QC & Inspection provides World Wide Vendor inspection services through our associates.

Further QA/QC & Inspection Services provides Heat Treatment Services such as Pre-Heating and Post Weld Heat Treatment using electrical resistance method. Further, TRAGS has a fully computerized electrically heated furnace to carry out shop heat treatment of large assemblies, vessels etc.

QA/QC & Inspection functions as an independent inspection agency for in-house jobs. QA/QC & Inspection Department develops inspection and test plans and control procedures for all Industrial Contracts Division projects in line with the applicable Codes and standards and client’s specification.

QA/QC & Inspection monitors as well as carries out all required stage-wise inspection and testing right from procurement stages to final release of an engineering product to client to ensure the quality of the products / services provided by us fully comply with the customers’ requirements and statutory regulations.









ISO 9001 ASME