TRAGS Shutdown Group

Our clients: QP, QVC, QAPCO, NGL, QChem and Major Oil companies in Qatar. Our Team consists of well experienced, highly qualified and dedicated work force and with highly sophisticated equipments.

Nature of works: Major shut down jobs in Oil & gas plants, Petrochemical industries.

How we work: Do any kind of shutdown & overhaul works in very safe, efficient, well in advance & to entire satisfaction of our clients.

TRAGS provides complete team for Plant Shutdown Services for Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Oil & Gas industries, Power sector etc.

 Plant Shutdown Team provides services for following Area:

  • Mechanical Maintenance( Rotating and Stationery Equipment)

  • Industrial Cleaning Services

  • Valve Maintenance Services

  • PSV Removal and Reinstallation Services

  • Insulation/ Refractory Repair Services

  • Electrical Maintenance Services including Relay and Protection, Substation Maintenance, MCC, Transformer and Field Electrical Etc.

  • Instrumentation Maintenance - Field Instrumentation, DCS, PLC, ESD etc.



Industrial Maintenance 

For more than 30 years, TRAGS has supported a solid client base by offering a 24 hour call out service for industrial maintenance.

Work in this field includes:

  • Internal cleaning & re-tubing of exchangers and furnaces

  • Maintenance of Pumps

  • Overhauling of all Valve Types

  • Spading/de-spading and rigging services for routine maintenance/shutdown works



Valve Maintenance Facility 

01 Flat Cast Iron Lapping Block

02 Surface Plates

03 Lapping Compounds

04 Diamond Polish

05 Test Rig with N2 Cylinders for tightening/testing of safety relief valves as per API527

06 Hydro testing equipment as per AP1598

07 Dead Weight Tester

08 Welding Equipments

09 Blasting & Spray Paint Equipment

10 Machining Equipment

11 Rubber Lining for Butterfly valves

12 Compressors

13 Pressure recorders

14 Pressure Gauges

15 PSV Test Benches (Ventil)

16 Portable test rig with regulator

17 Digital pressure gauges (Druck)


Traffic & Highway Maintenance       

In the field of Traffic & Highway Maintenance, most of the road marking and street furniture installed in Qatar reflect the capability and expertise of TRAGS in roads, airports and car park markings. 

Activities involved are:

  • Supply and application of thermo-plastic and cold paint road markings

  • Traffic signals/Controllers/Remote monitoring

  • Supply and erection of traffic signs

  • Provision and installation of highway safety products

  • Supply and installation of road studs

  • Supply and fixing of ceramic markers

  • Manual and automatic traffic surveys

  • Fencing and road barriers





ISO 9001 ASME